Requires users to have large images. Uses animations and metro-styled navigation.

Requires users to have large images. Uses animations and metro-styled navigation.

This is a perfect website for actors or performing professionals that have large photos for showing off. It is also built in mind for iPad users. Just like every actor website we host, this one is fully responsive, but it animates slightly differently. You start off with a landscape 4 by 3 rectangle that shows off a slideshow of images that are also 4 by 3 rectangle-shaped. 

It's actually very well thought out and very symmetrical. Once you make the website smaller it turns to fill the entire space with the navigation buttons on top. If you own an iPad, you just must check this out. In a portrait mode, this website's homepage perfectly fills the entire screen, but once you flip it horizontally and scroll down, you will get a full-screen image slideshow that you can navigate with a finger swipe. We love it. 

You can use mouse drag to scroll items in your portfolio up and down, but you can also use your mouse wheel. Contact page is also quite unique here. On larger sizes check out the contact form hovering over the map with map pinpointed location shifted to the left to allow for the form placement. Main photo is used again on both contact and profile pages, while "Resume" button is very prominent on smaller sizes and easily accessible within the "More" section at any other resolution. 

Final thoughts: if you are an actor with great professional quality headshots that you want to show off on your website, you may want to consider this template. Big icons allow for easy navigation and actor's name is always prominently displayed in the upper left section.

Hints on setting up this template

This template is a beauty, but might get tricky in some cases.

Menu allows for up to 6 items, anything more will not show up, anything less might look weird.

Recommended number of social icons is 3 to 4.

Call to actions appear on the bottom right next to the bio.

Special instructions for setup: 

  1. Mark at least one of your photos as "Add to slideshow"
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Free actor website design

Optional Google map on contact page

Fully editable actor skills and bio

Fully editable menu

Menu categories

Responsive / all-devices design

Single page actor website design

Actor headshots / reel gallery

Audio / voiceover media player

Actor training and resume showcase

Actor credit listings

Has social feed

Has blog

Has thumbnail size picker