Voice Over Education and Production

To promote excellence and professionalism in all aspects of the voice-over recording industry. We guide industry professionals, budding voice actors, and production clients, helping them reach their goals and achieve their best possible results in our field.

AUDIO PRODUCTION AND RECORDING. Edge Studio serves a full range of companies in all 29 voice-recording genres, from Telephony and Corporate Video to Commercials and Animation. Our staff includes producers, engineers, casting pros, directors, and administrators, networked with translators, voice actors, and other voice-over experts. From our studios in New York City, Connecticut, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles, we also record talent, in many languages, all over the world. 

TECHNOLOGY. Led by Edge Studio Director of Technology George Whittam, we provide technical guidance and troubleshooting for typical home studios, corporate production facilities and many of the industry's voice-over stars. Our team of experts encompasses every voice-recording and communications technology and every voice-over genre. Much of our support is done remotely, for fast efficient solutions that get talent quickly up-and-running or back to work. 

PERFORMANCE TRAINING. Explore our website's FREE CAREER CENTER for working professionals and students of voice-over. It's brimming with helpful free information, resources, online tools, insight and interactive fun, plus career guidance and a complete program of coaching and training in voice-over performance and technical skills and business practices.