A boutique production company specializing in quality scenes for actor demo reels

Best Shot Reels is a boutique production company specializing in produced scenes for acting showreels that look and feel like first rate movies and tv shows.  How?   Because that's what we do for a living.  We have casted hundreds of actors for feature films and tv, so we will help you choose the right scenes for your character type and accentuate your strengths; whether you're a leading man, a leading lady, a character actor, or the next big action hero.  

If you're on a strict budget, we follow specific creative and technical guidelines to insure your scenes are top notch.  We always shoot on the Red Epic Camera used on major motion pictures and edit in 4k to insure the highest quality.

The bottom line, we are a collective of producers and directors who work in the industry and are not interested in producing scenes in mass volume.  We don't edit reels and we don't shoot headshots.  We do one thing very well and that is make movies.  And now we are excited to offer our services to help actors and actresses showcase their talent.