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  1. Tampa Bay Acting Career Tutorials - Opinions and online debates for Tampa Bay Acting. Includes an index of all Opinion / Debate posts on the Tampa Bay Acting web site. 
  2. Tampa Acting Tutorials - Actor career Tutorials, Interactive Training Tutorials, and acting tools. 
  3. Tampa Actor and Acting Career Scams - Includes an Acting Scam Definition Database, public records searches, and scam fighting tools. Main scam categories include Audition / Casting Scams, Consultation / Talent Search Scams, Talent Competition Scams, Misrepresentation Scams, Talent Agency / Management Scams, Actor Exploitation Scams, Actor Head Shot / Photography Scams, Crimes Against Actors and Talent, Acting School and Actor Training Scams, Credibility Scams, and Indy Film Scams. 
  4. Tampa Bay Acting Features - Articles, tutorials, interactive tutorials, anecdotes, stories, interviews, reviews, about us, expanded content, downloads, and more. 
  5. Tampa Bay Actor Auditions - Actor auditions and casting information. 
  6. Tampa Bay Actors - Professional actors listed in the TALON Talent Online database, information on how to cast actors, and audition tools for casting directors / professionals. 
  7. Tampa Actor and Acting Career Resources - Talent, production professionals, head shot photographers, talent agencies, managers, casting directors, advertising agencies, indy film production companies, theater and stage production companies, television production companies, tools, paperwork, and downloads. 
  8. Actor Mail Bag and Contact - Our monthly professional actor and acting career Mail Bag series and Contact information for the Tampa Bay Acting web site and our future actor, talent, and production professional mail bag.