Everyone needs a coach

Are you an ACTOR - Just starting out? Already auditioning? Working professionally? I'm a Career Coach and Marketing Mentor who can help you get your career to the next level - easily and affordably.

No matter what level your career is at, you want to be auditioning and working, right? Who doesn’t? That's what Coaching is all about.

You could struggle on your own or work with a coach/mentor who‘s been there and can personally show you how to run your career more effectively.

Try a 3 month program to get started- we meet weekly or twice a month. Or if you’re on a fast track for success opt for the 6 or 12 month programs and get a FREE session or a FREE BONUS month! Affordable, and pay as you go. You can do this!

Acceptance for any coaching program is by interview only. Just fill in an email request - tell me about your dreams, hopes and goals so I can help you make them happen! We work hard, play hard, laugh a lot and get RESULTS.

Of course, a good option is to book a Quick Consult first to talk with me (see  below). Experience what it's like working with a coach. It's FREE if you decide to become a coaching client which I hope you will!