Focus & Truth


We work on scenes from recent and classic TV & Film.

I keep class small at no more than 16. You’re likely to work every week and there are often opportunities for doubling up.

Each week you are assigned a scene partner and a scene. During the week, you prepare your scene. In class, you’ll put up your scene and get notes and coaching for this 1st work. Usually, you’ll be asked to do a 2nd work on the scene, rehearsing for another week and incorporating the notes you received.


Let’s be honest, you didn’t come to Hollywood to do stage work. That’s why we work on set. This also means you get to watch your classmates up close. No more sitting in the back of the theatre playing on your phone.

We work exclusively off-book, and you will not be allowed to put up a scene unless you are prepared to do your best work.


Stop being an actor who’s just good enough to do the job. Use scenes to change your life If you are not changing yourself when you act, how can you expect to change anyone else? Before you start a scene, ask yourself “What in my life can I solve with this scene?” And then do that. Actually attack that problem in the scene, right there and then. You must emerge from the scene a completely different person than you entered it. Take Action Now is the time to transform from a co-star into a star. Come watch us do our thing. My promise to you is this: I will focus on you and I will tell you the truth. Everything else we’ll learn together.