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Is Your Actor Website Fully Responsive?

Actor Website Feature #9

If your actor website does not look good on a phone, it ain't no good.

Everybody wants their actor website to be responsive, but most of the actors we worked with did not even know what that means. In short, it means that your browser window can be resized down and none of the information would be lost and everything still looks unbroken.

Here's how you can test your website. Open it up on a desktop in a browser, Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer, it shouldn't matter. Now grab the right edge of the window and drag it left slowly. If everything doesn't start shifting and text starts disappearing with a scrollbar being added on the bottom of the window, well, that means that your website is not responsive. 

Web For Actors designs are built in a way that you will never see a bottom scrollbar, which also means that no matter what device you open your website with, it will always look correct and all of your information will be properly displayed.

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