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Is Your Actor Website Connected to the Cloud?

Actor Website Feature #12

If your actor website is not connected, it may be out of date.

So what is that “cloud” that we speak of after all?

Actually, I was asked the same question by a PhD student I met at the UX design conference. We sort of know what it is, but not too many fully understand the complexities behind it. Some might say that all websites are on the cloud, and they wouldn’t be wrong, but cloud connectivity is certainly more than just that, and I can probably best explain it with an example of IoT.

IoT, also known as the Internet of Things, is an ability to connect your devices, or as people call them “SMART” devices. It could be a smart phone, or a smart watch, but there are also items that have single type of use like smart scales that track your weight, or smart water bottles that track your water intake. Whatever it may be, it has an option to link to something else, and it tracks an input.

I chose IoT on purpose, because we call Web For Actors service as a “SMART” actor website, for the same reason why you would call any device “smart”. With it, your account is constantly monitored and tracked in numerous ways to ensure the best usage. For instance, if you add a new acting credit to another website, but forget to add it to your own, we have capabilities of reminding you that your website is out of date. Another example would be tracking Twitter reviews. If someone writes you a recommendation on Twitter and you respond with a “thank you” and a “#IADBreview”, your website will pull in that review for you.

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