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Settings page is where you'll be able to manipulate your actor website access information. You can update your email address and your password, select types of emails you want to subscribe to and finally, if for any reasons you want to remove your actor website from our system, you can perform this action here as well. If you are a paid member, this page will also allow you to update your payment information and update your subscription.

Transcription or Step-by-step:

Account Settings

This page is all about your personal preferences. You can change your preferred contact method and select which communications you want to receive from us.

You can also update your password information here as well.

If you have decided that IADB Actor Websites is not a good fit for you, you can remove your website entirely on this page as well. If you're trying to remove the website because an issue you've encountered, please contact us first and we will try to resolve any problems you have immediately.


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