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To this day I have seen upwards of 1,000 different actor websites, but it's sad to say that less than 1% of these websites contain actual reviews / testimonials section. You should take advantage of this information and make your website stand out in the crowd by letting your visitors know who you've worked with and what great things they had to say about you.

By now you probably know that you can add a review to your website the "old-school way", which is manually entering somebody's name, their information and what they had to say about you. Well, that's not changing, it's still available for you in your control panel, however we're adding a new functionality that will make things easier.

Introducing InstaReview by IADB(TM) - the fastest way to add a review to your website!

Transcription or Step-by-step:

Now that you have your actor website all set up, what if we told you there was an easy way to add reviews and testimonials to your bio page? Imagine that someone gives you a glowing recommendation via Twitter. All you have to do is click reply, say "thank you" or whatever other message you want. You can add any hashtags but don't forget to include a hashtag #IADBreview. Once you click the Tweet button, you should be able to see the review load up on your website right away, but it may take as long as 5 minutes. As you can see, it's much better than a random anonymous testimonial, because it offers up a link back to original review. Such link gives your review more authenticity as it provides the original source along with the name and another link to the twitter account of the person who said it. And of course, you can disable or edit it within your control panel. Make each review you receive matter.


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