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This video tutorial will show you how to populate images on your website. Add your images either individually or drag and drop multiple images. If images are too large, you can use a resizing program to make them appropriate size. You can set the main image and thumb all images for faster load and cleaner look. Finally you can sort all of the images by dragging them up and down the list.

Transcription or Step-by-step:

TITLE CARD: Uploading photos

There are two ways to upload a photo to your website.

The easiest way to add a photo, is to drag it right into the uploader box and click the "start upload" button. When the upload has fully completed along with cropping of the photos the page will reload and you will see the photos you just added listed on the page.

The second way allows you to add each photo one by one while naming them as you go. Simply scroll down to the "add a photo" box, fill in the name and select the image from your computer. Click "Add New Photo" and the page will reload again with the new photo added to the list.

TITLE CARD: Adding Photo Categories

You can add categories to label your photos. There is no need to add a "headshots" category, as that option is provided by default.

To add a new category, click the "Add New category" section and fill in the name for that category. You will now see two things show up on the page - the new category has been added on top, and you will now have this tag button here. Clicking it, will allow you to set a label for each photo. This will allow you to quickly identify each photo by the label.

TITLE CARD: Special Photo Categories

Photos have 2 special categories that can be toggled while editing each photo.

You can mark it as a headshot, which will create a separate section of your website with just your headshots. Or you can mark it for the slideshow. This will add the photo to the slideshow in slideshow enabled templates. Upon refresh, you will be able to see that these categories have also been added to the top section of the page.

TITLE CARD: Editing photos

There can be only one profile photo, but you can change it by pressing the toggle under a different image. Each photo can and should be edited with an appropriate title. You could leave the description blank if you do not want to describe the photo in any way.

Finally you can hide the image from your website, or you can completely remove it.

TITLE CARD: Cropping of the photos

Cropping of the photos happens automatically. If you want you can click the "Recrop All" button and the function will automatically go through all the photos and create all the proper sizes, but if you prefer, you can crop each image separately.

Note, that cropping the headshots will have different dimensions than other photos.

TITLE CARD: Sorting photos

Sorting photos requires you to toggle this functionality by clicking "enable sorting". When you press it, all items that become sortable will begin to shake. Simply drag each item in the order you want them to appear on your website. When done you can click the sorting button again to continue making changes.


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