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photos help Files - PhotosIADB Tutorial (video)

This video tutorial will show you how to populate images on your website. Add your images either individually or drag and drop multiple images. If images are too large, you can use a resizing program to make them appropriate size. You can set the main image and thumb all images for faster load and cleaner look. Finally you can sort all of the images by dragging them up and down the list.

videos help Files - VideosIADB Tutorial (video)

This video will show you how easy it is to add videos to your website. Add videos from either YouTube or Vimeo by simply pasting in the URL to the "Videos" section. Preview images will be automatically generated for all videos.

audio help Files - AudioIADB Tutorial (video)

This video will show you how easy it is to upload audio files to your website. Add small voice sample, or music samples to your website. Preferred media type is MP3. After adding the audio files, they will be available for listening within the Portfolio section of your website.

resumes help Files - ResumeIADB Tutorial (video)

This tutorial explains how easy it is to get your resume up on your website. If you already added your experience, training, skills and awards, it is as easy as clicking elements to add them to the resume.

Your resume is generated automatically in HTML, PDF and Word formats. You can easily edit the resume by adding new elements, or removing other elements. You can have many resumes - name them as you wish. If you want to have a backup resume, you can have a resume that is hidden from your website.

If you choose to do so you can also show your features such as height and weight, hair and eye color and age range. Change any of the values in your system, your resume is updated automatically.

videos help How to Crop Actor Headshots with IADB (video)

Cropping actor headshots happens automatically with IADB, but you can change the crop manually as you would like. 

To do so, go into Files, and locate the icon with four little squares.

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Files: Photos ENLARGE

photos help Files: Photos

Adding photos is very simple, but we always recommend resizing all of the images before uploading them to IADB. See the Settings: Resizer Program section to learn more on how to properly resize the images. When ready either drag and drop all of the images into the "Multiple Photos Uploader" tool or if you choose to do so, you may upload each image individually, in which case you would be able to enter the label and description for each image right away. When you edit each image, once again you have an option to enter a new label and description, but you can also mark the image as "Featured" or "Main". There can only by one "Main" image. This image will be used in your Resume, within the Control Panel and on your website (different locations depending on your website layout). Marking the image as "Featured" will give that image higher priority, and if your website includes image slideshow or featured images presentation, these images will be used. You can also sort the photos to your liking. Simply click the "Enable Sorting" button under the section menu and drag the photos to order them as you need them.

Files: Videos ENLARGE

videos help Files: Videos

Adding videos could not be simpler. Enter the title and the description of your video and then paste in the link to your video. Currently we support YouTube video embedding and Vimeo video embedding. Any non-supported link formats will be added to the system and listed in the "More" page under the "Links" section. If you need other service support added to the Videos section, please send us a request and we will do all the research necessary to see if it is possible to add this feature.
Files: Audio ENLARGE

audio help Files: Audio

This section is used to add any audio files that could be used to represent your vocal abilities. Whether you want to show off your singing voice, your talking voice, foreign languages skills or your accent - this is the place to do so. Simply fill out the title of your audio file, description and upload the file to your website.

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