8 week unpaid Front-End and Back-End Web Developer fellowship program will provide college students with hands-on experience in Front-End web development and and introduction to PHP.

Fellows will be assigned to work on prefixed problems that were created specifically for them to train their observation skills. As part of the of the program, fellows will be exposed to best practices for designing and programming web applications according to specified requirements; analyzing/troubleshooting systems and in-house developed and commercial software applications; and scripting that supports the information processing needs of personal portfolios.

The 8 week remote/online program will require approximately 20 - 26 hours to complete, at the end of which, students will have their own portfolio website connected to their domain name, they'd gain understanding of third party tools, and they would have assisted in development of a new template design to be used by our team.


  • Currently enrolled a 2 or 4 year accredited college (preferably computer science)
  • Internet access
  • Github account - get it here for free

What You’ll Do

  • Weekly assignments. The 8 week program will start on the first Monday after your application is approved and you will receive your first assignment via email.
  • Quality Assurance. You will be provided with example pages and will be asked to spot issues.
  • Support. You will provide production support, defect fixing, and other related maintenance tasks to the HTML + CSS + JavaScript of the website.
  • Communicate. You will be asked to provide reports to express your thoughts, concerns and/or desired outcomes.
  • Contribute. Work with a team of diversely skilled individuals to produce portfolio solutions.

What You'll Get

  • Experience in using Atom IDE
  • Experience in HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS alongside with jQuery, Bootstrap and Cloudinary in a PHP API-framework environment
  • Experience in task management via Asana
  • Experience in source control using GitHub
  • Experience in Search Engine Optimization
  • Experience in testing, debugging and building code that works across multiple browsers and digital platforms
  • A 3-year domain name with an active portfolio coded by you, for you with an active link from our team page

The fellowship will teach you skills in Front-End development while being mindful of Back-End techniques. Those interested in a part-time position after the 8 week period will have the ability to apply for a paide part-time, per-project position provided by our company.

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