Award-winning e-book! 2016 Silver Medal "IPPY"

Read this book before you pursue your child's dream of fame and fortune in the entertainment industry;


Sharing in-depth knowledge from entertainment lawyer Sally Gaglini, revealing interviews with industry professionals, and insights from both former child stars and experienced parents, Young Performers at Work offers the fundamental information needed to help your child follow their dream and launch a safe and successful career.Using easy-to-understand language, Sally demystifies confusing state laws and regulations intending to protect young performers and their earnings.

This book answers real-world questions from parents of young artists:

  • When I spend money to promote my daughter's career, will I be reimbursed?
  • Why is the producer requiring me, as the parent, to sign a contract?
  • If my son is cast on a tour, what arrangements should I make with his school?
  • When my daughter earns a paycheck, how much do I set aside for her?
  • If I consent to my son's participation in a reality show, will he get paid?

For more than twenty-five years, Sally Gaglini has helped families tackle complex legal issues as their children pursue careers as musicians, songwriters, models, actors, and other artists in the spotlight.