I was asked recently - why do we do this? Why actor and filmmaker websites and why now?

I've been developing websites for over 10 years now. Each time I see a horrible looking website I immediately push the monitor off my desk which goes crashing down to the ground. Ever since I moved to LA and started collecting different actors and filmmakers business cards my monitor related bills have gone waaaaay up.

But seriously, this is one area where people do not realize they need help. These are creatives who focus on their art. They edit their films, apply different filters, set up different angles and practice their dialog by repeating it over and over. Sometimes they're so focused on what they do that they don't realize how a bad web presence (or no web presence at all) could hurt them.

In walks the IADB.com. What's awesome about us. We've got everyone covered. Can't afford a website? No worries, we have few free templates for you. Don't have the time to build a website? Again, worry not! Our tools can scan your name and retrieve information about you in under a minute. That's right - you can get a fully populated website in about a minute. Hot damn!

Where's the catch? No catch. If you like us and want more choices, you can sign up for an annual plan. We'll host your domain name and give you access to all of our templates (and the list gets longer by a minute).

You see, our goal is to prevent unnecessary monitor destruction and self-afflicted loss of sight caused by ugly websites.