If you know me, you know that I always preach that all actors should be online... in forums, reading blog posts, articles, asking questions, responding to question and so on and so forth.

As an actor, I believe it's practically a must for you to be going through Backstage forum and Stage 32 acting lounges. A must. As for the rest, well, this is just my opinion, but before I go into that, let me just say that since some people do consider IMDb to be social media, I consider IMDb to be a tool - so do get IMDb Pro and read up on other tips on how to properly utilize IMDb Pro account. It's absolutely a must, and if you're looking for #1 expense online - it's IMDb.

Okay, so from what I've noticed, the trend shows that these may be the most useful for actors and performers. Everyone may be different, so you may try something else, but if your mind is not set, here's something to think about:

YouTube or Vimeo: Try to get at least one and upload some videos of your work. Both accounts can link to your actor website and you can feed the videos and stream them right from the website. YouTube is more popular but in our opinion Vimeo is a bit more polished with less ads. So feel free to get both. Then simply paste your video links into our control panel and showcase them on your portfolio.

Twitter: I strongly recommend getting one. We're talking about gaining instant access to people you wouldn't normally have access to. Not to mention that it's a quick and easy way to promote yourself. You can even link up your Twitter feed to certain website templates in our system. 

Facebook: Just as Twitter, some of our templates can be linked to your Facebook account. So yes, do get a fan page. If you're not a character actor, keep it clean and stay away from political agendas. It's crazy how many times I've got to say that. Another thing that Facebook is great for are groups. Just go in and type in "Your city name" + Filmmakers. I.e: Los Angeles Filmmakers, and you'll see how many different groups there are that you can join and talk to people looking to fill their projects.

And don't forget, you can link all of these social media accounts easily to your IADB website via your control panel in the "Links" tab.