So (SO) many things are going on and I haven't been able to update everyone on what's happening, but I want to assure you, it's all good things. :)

First, if you've been paying attention to the footer of the website, you might have noticed some new sections there. Those may come in handy right away, but we will keep working on them to make sure we feed the right information to you so you can enjoy getting what you're looking for and discovering some new hidden gems.

So, without a further ado:

System Roadmap - this page lets you know what's coming up. All the features we're working on are listed there... well, maybe not all, but certainly ones you might find useful, so check it out, and if you like any of them, like them or tweet them out and we'll do them in a  higher priority.

Acting Forums - if you know me, you know I've been preaching for years that all actors should stay on top of what's going on with the acting forums, well, I'm done preaching as I'll be linking you directly to the topics that might be of interests to you. Who knows, maybe you didn't know some of these forums existed. These topics are here to inspire you to join these groups, help those you can, and get help from others. I'll be also adding some of my favorite acting blogs to this page, and probably few more forums, so stay tuned and bookmark this page, or better yet, you can keep it loaded in your sidebar like I do.

Videos we Liked - okay, this one is not yet in the footer, but that's because YouTube's algorithm only looks backwards a short while. We will have to go and re-like the videos we watched and enjoyed, so get ready for some inspirational stuff here. And yes, we will tag things properly so you can find the information you're looking for based on your proficiency level or interests.

Bookmarks - I read about 30 articles about acting every week and I must say that at least 2 or 3 of them make me say "wow". Sometimes it's a good "wow", sometimes it's a bad one, but if I saved every article that made me say "wow" over the last 4 years I've been running this website, we could fill a volume of Britannica. Well, it's never too late to start again, so I have started bookmarking these acting article gems and will continue doing so from now on, and just as with videos about acting, I will come back and tag these, so you can easily find what you're looking for.

Actor Websites - so... I don't like to think Web For Actors has competition out there, because other actor website providers either lack focus, or to be brutally honest, lack dedication. I will not talk about the latter (much), maybe one post (first one to get it out of the way), but after that, I will focus on the big ones, and I will not rest until I can either match everything they do or do it better. So just to get it out of the way, my first article there is about undedicated actor websites, but feel free to bookmark this page to see all of my breakdowns and what I'm doing to ensure that your actor website is the sweetest deal you'll ever get.