Hello, and Happy Holidays.

'Tis the season of giving, and besides giving to others, you should also consider getting yourself something. You absolutely deserve it, and with that...

Use coupon HOLIDAYS17 to get a 10% discount on your membership subscription and... a special gift from us. :)

Now, I love reading backstage blog articles, but when I google "gifts for actors" this one article came up that did not have the greatest ideas out there. 

When I think about gifts for actors, I'm thinking a website subscription... (wink wink), or even a dropbox subscription, Stage 32 education, or if you have a larger budget, headshot sessions. That's how you really make someone's day. 

But for smaller gifts you can also try USB drives - everyone needs them these days especially since we all lose them all the time... nice resume portfolio, maybe with room for sides, or even blank media, so they can record their reel onto them... how about cd label kit, or a business card design?

Yeah... we know actors too, Backstage! :)