I won't bug you by emailing this blog post to you, but if you happen to come across it on your own, so be it.

Today is a Veteran's Day, and it so happens to be a blog post Friday, and it so happens to be that I'm a veteran who posts new blog posts every Friday.

Not sure if you knew this about me, but I served in the US Navy from 1999 to 2003. I first went to school in Great Lakes, IL, and I was then stationed on a Spruance class destroyer - USS Stump in Norfolk, VA (that's a photo of her in a dry-dock). I was there until the ship went out for her final deployment and was soon after decommissioned.

I'm proud to have served this country and despite the current unease with the recent elections we need to remember that it's not a single man who represents this country, but all of us. Brave souls in all branches of our military put on their uniforms daily, and with their chests out and heads up they put their lives at stake to protect our ideologies and everything this country stands for.

As a fellow veteran, I thank you all, and of course, if you're a vet and an actor and you're in need of a website, don't hesitate to ask. Also, if we're not connected on VFTLA, make sure to stop by my profile and say hi.

If you are looking to hire a veteran or cast your project, or need a consultant with military expertise for your action film, look no further. Use VME to hire veterans.