Why not get paid a few extra bucks for something that you already should be doing as an actor?

There are so many different topics and trends on all sorts of actor blogs and forums and Web For Actors staff has been trying to stay on top of it all, however we could use some help.

We first went over to Fiverr (as you may know we always recommend it for getting some tasks done) and hired multiple Virtual Assistants to help us filter some of the incoming feed. It's been working out quite well, but...

  1. We are not keeping this in our acting community - why not give an opportunity to somebody who's already in the film industry?
  2. The people who are going through our feeds do not benefit from the knowledge they acquire from reading headlines, posts and articles. It would make even more sense if the growth was beneficial to both parties.
  3. Each virtual assistant we hire needs more training than a professional actor would, because creatives better understand what information is relevant and useful to their peers and what is just fluff.

Interested? Here are some details:

Web For Actors is looking to hire two (2) virtual assistants for up to three (3) hours per week at the price of $15 / hour. If you're only able to do it for an hour a week, that's fine. Anything helps us. Each assistant will be given premium access to Web For Actors Actor Websites and tools after the period of 2 weeks, which offers you additional savings of $9 / month.

Responsibilities will include reading post headings, questions, and short articles and deciding whether the information within would be relevant to our company or other actors.

Does it sound like something you'd be interested in? Just send us your name to apply. If you have social media profiles, please include those as well.