I must say, it's so incredible watching the platform grow as it does and gaining popularity among actors all over the world. Although most of our members are from USA and Canada, we have a handful of users from the U.K, India, Russia and Australia. Just the other day I saw somebody register from Paris, France, and I suppose by this time next year, we'll have members from countries I haven't even heard of. So looking forward to that!

Besides growth in popularity, this year has brought two new templates, and 47 new features and updates! I must admit that we were aiming for more templates, but all in all, I am impressed to see how this website is growing. We keep putting more resources into making it work faster and smoother and we keep going back to drawing boards to ensure that everything is as simple as it can be. We utilize state of the arts statistical data for every little change and we monitor search engine and optimize all of your websites to ensure the top-notch performance for everyone.

This year will not be any different. We will continue improving and we will bring the best performing actor websites on the web. Actor websites is what we do and our mission statement has never changed. We will continue delivering on that promise. You, well, you just keep on acting. We've got your back.