We're moving severs! We've been planning this for over a year now and we're finally ready to make that move. We love .co, and we have plenty t-shirts to prove it, but after carefully examining statistical data and information flow, our analysis proved that we can do more good by sticking with a .com domain. We want the best for your websites and we understand that the more we grow our business the better traffic you will receive to your websites as well, so this will benefit everyone.

Here's what's changing:

  1. Everything will be faster, images and sites will load approximately 10% faster than before
  2. All actions, page loads will look smoother between each page loads
  3. We will have a better bandwidth for all our actor websites allowing them to work better worldwide
  4. We are switching our brand back to iadb.com

Here's how you might be affected:

  1. Our mail servers might be down for 2 days this weekend. If you want to reach out to us, do it via support ticket from your admin or reach out to us via our social media (in the footer of every page of the website)
  2. Our iadb.co domain name may loose the security certificate for a day or two. Don't panic, this will not affect you in any way, but if you have linked to our website at https://iadb.com know that you might get an error getting in. This is only temporary as the switch is happening. You can either ignore the error or head over to the .com section instead.

That is all for today. We're excited about the move and even more excited about making your actor websites even better.