We always try to go above and beyond to provide functionality that you will find useful. We don't provide just websites, domains, emails and hosting - you can get that anywhere. What we do provide is time, opportunityand elegance.

By popular demand, we've gone ahead and enabled each template preview to all IADB'ers. So even if you're not a VIP member, you can now try it out for a day and see how it would feel like to have a different website... sort of like wearing shoes for a day to see how they fit.

We understand that if you're coming from Wix or SquareSpace or some other template website provider you're not used to the ability of swapping designs, as they don't really provide that. IADB is different, here you can swap back and forth between any design and your information will be retained. There are few small exceptions because some templates might have different functionality due to their design, but overall they are all interchangeable.

We understand that you might be in love in the design that you picked for yourself already, but it never hurts to try on something else, so what are you waiting for? Get to picking.