Ever since tech.co interviewed me in Las Vegas late last year and nominated us for the Startup of the Year this year, we've been inseparable. What I mean by that is, they don't call us "stalkers" and haven't filed a restraining order against us, but we follow them from state to state and from event to event. Okay, this may be an exaggeration, but we would have never missed their local female-led startup night right here in L.A.

This being an L.A. event, it had to involve the local culture in one way or another. I had two favorites that I'd like to share with you today, one of which actually won the competition of the night and will be heading out to San Jose for the Celebrate event.

The Pod Share is probably the first ever social network with a physical address. Their presentation was amazing and they showed the right entrepreneurial spirit to win the award. Pod Share is a membership based live/work community. By purchasing a pass to one location, you have access to all Pod Share locations during that duration. They focus on freelancers traveling to urban cities with a need for affordable housing. The end product is a "pod" with basic necessities including food, utilities, WIFI, bikes and a 24 hour access code. Check out their website for more info. Despite the fact that they focus on the techies, their 2 Hollywood locations might be just right for some actors who are moving to L.A. for work, and the fact that they charge $50 a day might sway you even more towards booking a pod with Pod Share.

The other company that really caught our eye is X-Factor Films. We're simply in awe of these two badass ladies who are in charge, Lauren and Greta. They combined their strengths and created a platform and studio for creators and fans of badass female entertainment. "Mainstream Hollywood produces movies with female characters or filmmakers just 15% of the time." states their website. They won't stand for it and I applaud them for it. They are gathering and making original content with the best creators of this next-generation from all over the Internet which includes series, shorts and movies of all genres. Make sure you check out their website and don't forget to click the button in the upper right corner to become a badass yourself.

Web For Actors - Tech.co Startup Night in LA Julie S. I'm a badass. :)
Web For Actors - Tech.co Startup Night in LA Kim B. Thanks for the share, if you told us ahead of time we might have gone with you. I'm looking at their website right now.