Welcome to the our 2nd edition of Member Spotlight.

We've asked our members to let us know what they're up to right now or to tell us one piece of creative work they've done that they're proud of and we've received some requests already. Today we'd like to focus on Neto Depaula Pimenta and his work on the "Singapore Sling" - a film by Marcus Sigrist.

So, Neto, how are you involved in this film?

I wrote the script - not all that fictional if you must know - and I'm the main producer on it. And when push came to shove I ended up playing a supporting role in it, Bruno - who is NOT the character based on me, confusing I know.

According to IMDb, the film came out last year, what's happening with it right now?

We had our world premiere last December at The Bahamas International Film Festival. And now we are finally having our North American Premiere. It will actually take place on June 7th (tomorrow) at the world renowned TLC Chinese Theater. We would be honored if other Web For Actors members came and join us in Hollywood for this screening.

Sounds awesome, I'd love to make it out there, do I buy the tickets at the door, or do you have a link for us?

Yes, you can get the tickets online at Fandango. Again the screening is tomorrow, Tuesday at 9:30PM.

So what's the recipe for the Singapore Sling?

  • 4 people
  • 1 trip
  • 1/2 a day
  • a teaspoon of passion
  • a healthy dash of pain
  • stir it all together and serve it as it boils over