For the past 5 years I've helped over a thousand actors get their website and get their online presence on the up and up. I'm not saying that I'm not happy with the outcome, but with the lowest price on the market I estimated that this number would be tenfold. I guess that's what happens when you focus all your efforts on development. Build it and they will come? Not so much I suppose, then again, I still hear that some people are a bit uncertain about the pricing, so here is my final attempt to get EVERY ACTOR that reads this to switch over to Web For Actors.

Introducing new payment plans (the ones in bold):

- Free Starter plan - this actor website plan includes 2 templates and limited pages. If you need help with anything you will also receive limited support, but do keep in mind that with hundreds of requests, it might take a little while to get you the answers right away. Still, you get a decent design which is constantly getting upgraded with new features. This plan is for everyone who is just trying out acting.

- Monthly at $15 - this actor website plan includes everything that Web For Actors has to offer: domain name, email, all the designs, all the tools, search engine optimization, all the content sections and all the future updates. You will also receive premium support... it's kind of like having a fast pass at Disneyland. This is for people who are active online and it can be lowered to as little as $1 per month! That's $12 a YEAR. How do you lower it? You get discounts for activity. You leave us a testimonial - you get a discount. You share our link with your friends, you get a discount. You have one of your friends sign up for ANY plan, you get a discount. In the end you'll be paying us less than it costs to even own a domain name!

- Annual at $29 - this actor website plan is the same as the free starter plan with one exception. You get to pick a domain name and a custom email! Why does it matter? Well, first of all you want to grab your dot-com if it's still available, because if you won't somebody else will snatch it away and you'll be the one with a dash in your domain, or a dot-netter! Get your domain, allow it to gather some age and we will take care of the SEO for you, so that in the future once you're ready to upgrade, the search engines will already know who you are. This plan is for everyone who is unable to commit to a large expense, but is also too busy to try to lower the price with discounts. Perfect for anyone just starting out.

- Annual at $99 - this actor website plan includes everything that the monthly plan does, and yes, we just slashed the price down from $120. Why the extreme discount from the start? Well, you won't get any discounts for sharing or testimonials (you will still get our greatest gratitude), but if you feel that you're too busy to try to get the discounts for your plan, then you're already saving almost 50% on the annual pricing! This plan is for the busy actor who wants access to everything at a low cost.

- Lifetime at $1,200 - yes, this actor website plan DOES include everything AND 20 years of a paid domain and hosting. This plan is for anyone who believes strongly in our product and who is in it for the long haul. While annual plan at $99 would cost you almost $2k over the 20 year stretch, this plan saves you money in the long run AND eliminates any monthly or annual charges. Since it's over $1k you should also write it off as a work expense on your taxes! This plan is for actors who are certain they want to stick with us and also makes for a great gift for an actor you know. There's no better way to tell an actor you support them in their journey than the gift that supports them for a lifetime.

This is it. 5 years in the making! We've finally figured out the price that works well for EVERY ACTOR. These prices won't change again and I guarantee you that you won't find a better service than this anywhere online!