Just a quick heads up about upcoming section in Web For Actors video channels; We are planning on releasing review videos for acting-based mobile apps. If you would want an app reviewed before you purchase it, or if you're an owner of the app, and want to add it to our list, please send the information over to support@webforactors.com

Meanwhile, we have collected few apps that we want to dive into and take a deeper look, and here's the list (in alphabetical order). As we keep adding the reviews for each of these apps, we will come back here and link them to their individual pages. Stay tuned, and again, if you think we're missing something here, let us know and we'll gladly check it out.

  1. Actor Genie ($2.99) (IOS) (Android not available in US) - I've had this app for some time now, but it looks like they made some updates, I'll definitely dig into this shortly.
  2. Amazing Improv Generator ($0.99) (IOS) - I suppose it does what the title implies, although no mention of the app on their website, have they given up on it - it hasn't been updated since 2011.
  3. AuditionCal ($0.99) (IOS) - this looks promising, although does it stand up against the other calendar giants out there? I tend to find out with the IOS only version.
  4. Casting360 (FREE) (IOS) (Android) - I suppose you need to be a member to use this app. I'll find out more once I get to it.
  5. Coach Me (FREE) (IOS) (Android) - great looking website, not necessarily intended purely for actors, but who knows...
  6. Digital Clapper (FREE) (Android) - same as the guys who did the Remote Prompter, the app looks quite popular and the website is very sleek. Can't wait to review this.
  7. iPeform (FREE) (IOS) (Android) - website's down, and app hasn't been updated since 2011 - we'll see if it still works.
  8. Line Learner ($3.99) (IOS) - looks like one of a few apps designed by Peter Allday, looks very basic, we'll dig into it's usefulness shortly.
  9. Lines To Memory ($4.99) (IOS) (Android) - another tool for helping actors commit lines to memory and learn scripts, this one's available on both IOS and Android.
  10. MyHeadshots ($4.99) (IOS) - first of all, let's point out that their website needs some work. If I didn't have a 4K monitor, I'd never see the download link for IOS only.
  11. My Lines ($1.99) (IOS) (Android) - I can only guess that it's an app for memorizing lines. It's cool that they're both on Apple and Android though.
  12. Peer Hustle (FREE) (IOS) - seems to list a lot of gigs in the film industry, feel free to browse through it and let me know if you find anything useful.
  13. Rehearsal Pro ($19.99) (IOS) - is this neat app worth the price? Could very well be. I'll take a look and you can decide.
  14. Remote Prompter (FREE) (Android) - looks like they switched the focus of the website to the Digital Clapper (above) but still might be useful.
  15. Scene Partner (FREE) (IOS) - looks like a possible competitor to WeRehearse? I'll know for sure shortly.
  16. Shakespeare, Shakespeare PRO and Soliloquy (FREE) (IOS) (Android) - looks like a monologue apps - after I review them, if they happen to do different things, I will split them out.
  17. Stop Acting ($19.99) (IOS) - an interactive course from Margie Haber. Interesting. I've never seen a course as a stand-alone mobile app. I'll dig into this soon.
  18. TableReadPro (FREE) (IOS) - so far I can tell that the website did burn my eyes a bit, but the app looks quite promising - can't wait to check it out.
  19. WeRehearse (FREE) (IOS) - I just love the idea behind this app and can't wait to review it in full detail. This is for IOS only.
  20. Slatable (FREE) (IOS) - all-in-one filming and editing app for actors to create and share self tape auditions quickly and easily. Sounds like fun
  21. The Amazing Improv Generator ($0.99) (IOS) (Android) - the title speaks for itself. It's a fun tool for those who need spontaneous ideas for improv. Check it out.