Actors cannot be introverts? Can they? I mean we hear stories that some of the actors we all know and love are introverts, such as Clint Eastwood, Tom Hanks, Courtney Cox, Harrison Ford and Julia Roberts. But can they really be introverts, or is it just a label they've been given because of their successful status. It might be draining dealing with all the attention that they constantly get and simply want a well deserved break.

I'm a strong believer that an actor should always try and reach out to others, be it online or in person, and try to forge beneficial relationships. Honestly. The more the better. While an introverted person might try to seek shelter, an actor shouldn't have any social phobias whatsoever. Of course most common cases is the preference of social encounters versus the solitude. Even in these cases, I believe that day-to-day mingling keeps us all on our toes and prepares us for faster reactions.

So what exactly am I saying? If you have a choice to watch a Netflix show, or meet with your friends, I say go meet with your friends. If you have a choice to stay home and respond to some emails or go to a meetup near you, go to a meetup. There are many sites that list great social activities for actors. Stage 32 meetups might have something in your city, why not go check it out. If not, maybe you can create your own meetup. It's free. Or check out instead. If there's nothing going on at all, go out to a bar and just talk to people. If you want to make it more fun, do a character, have an accent.

Life teaches us so many things. We learn acting from our acting classes, from watching others act, but the whole point is that greatest actors make everything look natural. They act like we envision normal people would act in extreme circumstances - and that's what moves us. The world is your stage. Go out and act.

Web For Actors - It is not just about acting Dara T. This is something that I'm still learning to get better at every day. Thanks for the positive reinforcement!
Web For Actors - It is not just about acting Tomasz M. Don't I know it. I feel like a lot of us are guilty of it. I love using the word "interACTING" - it speaks for itself.
Web For Actors - It is not just about acting Brandi C. But Netflix is sooooo goooood!! :-) Just kidding...great advice, Tomasz!
Web For Actors - It is not just about acting Tomasz M. Haha - we're on the same page, Brandi. I'm addicted to OISTNB and Jessica Jones, I'm afraid to look at any other shows otherwise I'll be glued to the TV.