The meetups are here!

Some of you have asked for it, so here it goes. We've added a meetups page. For now, they are hand-picked groups and their upcoming events, but it will grow, so for now... we need a favor from you.

Please invite IADB to your actor-related meetups.

In order for the meetups to load up on this page, IADB has to be a member of the group. It's as simple as that. If you want your own meetup advertised on this page, invite IADB to your group, as long as it's directed at actors or filmmakers, we will accept the request and the meetup will be added here automatically. Even if you're not an organizer, send us links to the meetups you're a member of and we will request to be added to the group.

By now, you all probably know my stance on networking, so you know I'm a huge fan of collaborating online as well as offline. This will get you one step closer to finding like-minded creatives who have similar struggles, as well as creatives who are wiser and can share their knowledge on how they found their solution to those struggles.

In short, I ask you to network and collaborate. I have nothing to gain by sending you off to another website right now, however you can gain a lot, by not binge watching the newest season of your favorite Netflix show and driving 30 minutes to meet creatives like yourself.

Give it a shot.

Web For Actors - Introducing Creative Meetups Tomasz M. Due to lack of popularity, the meetups page has been discontinued till further notice.