We've made upgrades to the Industry Contacts and we invite you all to check it out, but first I want to point out I found an awesome app for scanning business cards via your phone. It is called Wantedly People, and it allows you to scan multiple cards at once. Just lay out all the cards you collected on the table, take a picture and make adjustments / add notes. I love it, but there is a "but". Looks like their control panel on the website itself is only in Japanese. No worries, just check out my video to see how you can export your contacts from Wantedly and into your Industry Contacts.

This said, let's get back to the topic at hand - Industry Contacts upgrade, here are some new features:

  • Upload contacts from Wantedly People - by dragging an exported file into the Industry Contacts drop-zone
  • Import contacts from your email - by using just a few clicks you can get all your contacts into Industry Contacts
  • Get contact details - limited to 3/month for free accounts - get info about a person by scanning their email
  • Added recommended contacts - premium members only - we've collected some contacts you may want to know, and you can track them now
  • Unfollow contact  - premium members only  - you can now keep the contact in your list but not follow them in your feed
  • Set reminder emails  - premium members only - get reminded when it's time to reach out to someone again

To best understand these updates, check out the video below recorded by yours truly.