To this day I have seen upwards of 1,000 different actor websites, but it's sad to say that less than 1% of these websites contain actual reviews / testimonials section. You should take advantage of this information and make your website stand out in the crowd by letting your visitors know who you've worked with and what great things they had to say about you.

By now you probably know that you can add a review to your website the "old-school way", which is manually entering somebody's name, their information and what they had to say about you. Well, that's not changing, it's still available for you in your control panel, however we're adding a new functionality that will make things easier.

Introducing InstaReview by IADB(TM) - the fastest way to add a review to your website!

  1. Imagine the scenario: somebody you worked with found you on Twitter and wrote few very kind words about you.
  2. Here's what you do: you click "reply", say "thanks", and finish by adding a tag #IADBreview
  3. And here's the result: within a minute the review you received will be auto populated to your website.

It's that easy! I know what you're thinking. So many birds with one stone... right? So here's what this does for you:

  1. Gives you another reason to say "thanks" somebody mentions you - it's a social etiquette. If you don't say "thanks" now, they probably won't mention you again.
  2. It populates your website with a shiny new review and a link that will lead your visitors right into the Twitter status where the message originated.
  3. It removes the not-too-believable testimonials that say "John S. wrote: You're amazing!" Great, but who's John S? Is he a famous director or a bartender you gave a large tip?
  4. None of your reviews go to waste. After all, your alternative is bookmarking each review in twitter or copy/pasting each review, which (obviously now) is not the most optimal way of doing things.

All in all, we believe that Twitter reviews are the future of how the referrals will be made. They're short. To the point, and if someone needs clarification, they can always find the original author and ask follow up questions. Best part is, you accomplish all of it using one hashtag: #IADBreview

You've seen it here first!