This spring the Internet Actor's Database launches, a cheap and easy way for actors to make the most of their digital world. Sporting multiple templates designed specifically for actors to flaunt their skills, IADB provides personalized websites where one can enter featured abilities, photos, videos, audio and more.

Internet Actor's Database, free actor profiles and affordable actor websites provider has setup a full blown control panel for individuals to claim their own actor profiles, and... websites! The easy-to-use control panel allows users to update their information, add photos to the portfolio, embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo and upload audio samples. users are able to customize and personalize their entire website from start to finish with website layouts, backgrounds and colors. Launched by veteran website developers with more than a decade of industry experience, features responsive design technology and a vast library of options. is on a mission to create the best possible way for actors to improve their online presence and to promote themselves without spending a fortune on a custom website. "These websites are not for everyone, and that's the point, but users should not be limited to only actors" - says the lead developer, Tomasz Mieczkowski. "Other professionals, who could just as easily benefit from such websites, include dancers, models, musicians, stand-up comedians, you name it." The greatest part about the technology used, is that these are stand-alone websites. Users can connect these to their own domain names and the visitors would never know that it is a part of something much bigger.

If you are in "show business", has you covered. Some of the tools that come with each website are statistics so that users can see who came to their website and what pages they looked at. Resume tools allow actors to build a custom one-page outlook on the accomplishments and projects of their choosing. Photo cropping tools will ensure that all of their images are displayed without any stretching, and of course each website comes with a contact form to start the dialogue between hiring managers and website owners.

For more information about Internet Actor's Database, or to get started with your own website, visit