Welcome to the first and at the same time holiday edition of Member Spotlight.

We've asked our members to let us know what they're up to right now or to tell us one piece of creative work they've done that they're proud of and we've received some requests already. Today we'd like to focus on Mary Rachel Gardner and her work on the "Hufflepuff" Harry Potter Rap Parody of "Bubble Butt" by Major Lazer.

What inspired you to do a Harry Potter parody music video?

The common love all the cast and crew held for Harry Potter - Most of the cast was willing to do this project for free because they love Harry Potter and the parody concept that much

Why choose Hufflepuff?

Hufflepuff is the most underrated house, and it's time that people start giving them credit where it's due.Even fans who identify with other Hogwarts houses enjoy the song and have said, "Finally there's a Hufflepuff song!"

Did you encounter any difficulties during shooting of the video?

We had a scary moment when one of the previous camera operators misplaced an entire day of footage - the day we hired professional dancers & rented a warehouse - but it was a blessing in disguise because the re-shoot ended up being way better than the original, somehow "lost?" footage. I was able to re-work the choreography with new dancers that were stronger and more fun, and we hired an amazing, female cinematographer that created shots we hadn't before!

I see that you already have over 35K views on the video as of today, anything you want to add?

Check out the Hufflepuff on YouTube. If you're a Harry Potter fan you'll love it.

About Mary Rachel Gardner:

Since graduating from USC, Mary Rachel has starred as the lead in several plays, musicals, short independent films, and was a featured dancer in the upcoming feature-length film Breaking Legs. She has also founded her own production company, Kalliste Zoe Productions, and developed several of her own independent projects; including music videos, parodies, comedic sketches and short films. Kalliste Zoe means "A Beautiful Life" in Greek, and with her company Mary Rachel plans to explore, capture and share the wondrous beauties in life through storytelling and visual arts.