Few words from IADB:

We absolutely LOVE David Banks. He's charismatic, very friendly, and... he obviously knows what he's talking about. If you're not sure if you have seen David on TV (you probably have), just check out the link to his YouTube reel below. He's been everywhere and we are definitely in his fanclub!?

About the book:

How To Make a Living As a Commercial Actor is the complete guide to booking the job. 

Why? Because David Banks has booked over 100 National Commercials. He spent many of his first years with no bookings, wondering what he was doing wrong. If he can shave off some of those years from your journey, he has done his job. 

We have all heard the expression "book-a-look" which means they will only book the one with the look in which they are seeking. He was determined to find out the truth. But the truth is they don't really know what they want until they see it. Why not make that YOU?

Growing up with a father in the advertising industry telling him that the competition is beyond brutal, you would have thought he would have learned, but that just made his drive for success even more determined. 

We all have something unique to offer, why not hone in on this and put it to work? There is only one you and nobody else will bring what you will bring into those rooms. David has 10 absolute musts that will keep you coming back into those audition rooms time and time again.