I've been trying to post about books on acting and filmmaking almost every 2 weeks for the last few years, and I am certainly not running out just yet, but we've been developing a lot of new features in Web For Actors system, and some days, I can't possibly wait another week to make an announcements, and since I don't want to overwhelm anyone with too many blog posts, our "books" category is going on hiatus, but...

If by any chance you were checking the bi-weekly announcements listing acting books and are looking for more suggestions, how about I'll just list the books that are on my "to-read" list instead?

At the New York's Actor Expo I ran into ... who was there with the Bloomsbury, a New York based print company that has a quite a selection of acting books. I already used their promo code to get discount on few of them already, here is a full list of what they have, and I will most likely get you some reviews for these down the line as well, but for the next few months, the book reviews are going away, so feel free to bookmark this page if you're planning on getting some inspirational reads.