Halle Berry, Sean Penn, Dustin Hoffman, and Robert DeNiro have all been coached by or participated in seminars with Brown. This invaluable manual offers an extensive compendium of reference information from the legendary acting teacher.

The definitive nature of this book and its extensive compendium of reference information make it an invaluable manual every actor should keep close at hand.

If you're looking for a book that will teach you how to become a better actor, stop looking, that virtual reality book hasn't been written yet, and even then, it'd be a farce on genuine human emotion. You have to be present with another person in order to become a better actor. Period. What is being present? "Living truthfully under the imaginary circumstances." Listening, responding (sometimes reacting), having empathy with your character(s), along with a grocery list of other things such as movement and voice. However, two words that are broad enough to encompass the tools needed to become a better actor are "Being Present". However, if you're looking for a book that can guide you and HELP (not teach you HOW) you hone/sharpen your skills as an actor. Look no further. One of the best, and most encouraging books on acting. I now realize what Brando meant when he said EVERYONE can act. This is true, if you are alive and have a spirit, then you have the ability to act. What do you mean have a spirit? Do you have a 'why' in your life? A reason to get out of bed? A reason to breathe again? A reason to laugh? A reason to cry? A reason to reason with? Then you have purpose in your life, whether you believe that or not, and therein lies the art to your life. It's the actor's role to find these reasons and communicate them and express them clearly, wonderfully, and specifically, at the very least.

On the outside looking in, it sounds difficult, it seems that the actor has to be aware of so much that is going on, but ironically, it isn't that difficult, because we as beings are much more intrinsic than we think are, and this intricate nature gives us the ability to genuinely have empathy with others. It's only when the actor is inside of his or her head, and not 'being in the moment' do they find the weight of the role so overwhelming, why, because they're thinking, and we as a people 'DO' (take action) more often than we (sit and) 'think'. This book helps you do more of the former.