We're starting the new Share-it Plan for Actor Websites! We're beyond excited to give this opportunity to our community. This will allow everyone on a monthly plan to LOWER your payment from whatever you're paying now down to $1 per month. How does it work?

Do you know any actors who would benefit from having a professional website? Well, we have good news for you and for your friends. We created a special Web For Actors sharing page for you here. Not only will your friends get a discount when they sign up, but so will you! Need an example? Sure:

Let's say the current price is $9 a month, and it's what you're paying. If you invite ONE friend, they will register for $8 / month, and when they do, your bill will be lowered by $1. Invite TWO friends to Web For Actors, and as soon as they sign up for $8 each, you will get a $2 discount. Get it? Imagine you invite 80 of your actor friends, and only 10% of them sign up, that's still EIGHT people, and that gets you an $8 discount and now you're only paying $1 per month.

If it's still not clear, I made a drawing of it in Photoshop and put it in a video which you can watch by clicking the link below.

So if you're not yet a member, register now and tell all your creative friends about it, not only do you save yourself a few extra bucks, they'll appreciate the discount.