We don't like tooting our own horn, but we're working on the list of reasons Web For Actors is better than any other online solution out there. So far we've come up with 40 reasons and we are working on further explaining all of them, and... we will incorporate it into the system somehow, so that if you're not using one or more of the features, we will ensure that you have an opportunity to do so. So even though we haven't finished the list, here it is, and below you can find some of these items explained while we work on the best possible way to incorporate every single thing into your #actorslife routine.


Do you need a reason Web For Actors is the best actor website solution? Well, we have a few of those:

Site updates- automatic site updates from various sources such as IMDb, Backstage, ActorsAccess, Stage 32, Vimeo, Youtube and few others, allow you to instantly import videos, awards, credits and education of your choosing. Which means no headaches each time a new thing needs to be added. We also send reminder emails to let actors know we found a new match for their website. Other website builders will force you to log in each time and manually make these updates.

Template switching - actors will never get stuck with a design they don't like. Each template we built is interchangeable / hot-swappable and unlike ANY other service out there, you can switch your entire website design with a single click without losing any work you've already put in. Other website builders will either not let you switch at all or will force you to re-enter all information and re-upload all images.

Websites for actors - our templates are built with actors in mind. We don't build websites for corporations, not that we couldn't, we focused on you - the actor. Would you use your college graduation photo an acting headshot? Probably not. Would you send your agent the same resume you used to apply to an office job? I hope not. Do you see the trend here? Web For Actors makes website custom for actors. You could use the same design your local grocery store is using, but it's not recommended. Other website builders don't focus on you as an actor, but offer you "Portfolio" website which is intended for use by anyone who wants a personal website. Not just actors.

Intuitive website builder - on average users spend 73 seconds to build their website with Web For Actors. It's as simple as entering your name and email and the rest is done with a few mouse clicks. That's it. Other website builders will ask you to fill out forms upon forms, download scripts, log into your social media accounts to copy and paste individual photos and videos, write out your bios and so on. Sometimes you spend hours building something just to realize that you absolutely hate the end result and you have just wasted precious time doing something you're about to trash entirely.

Analytical experience - Web For Actors has over 12 years of experience in web development and search engine optimization. We analyze data generated from over 1,000 actor websites to pinpoint weak pages and adjust them as needed, so that each website includes everything an actor would need like headshots, reels, resumes, credits, awards, training and also reviews and event announcements.

No Ads. Period. - we would never want to take the focus away from you, that's why we never place Google Ads or any other ad placements on your website. Your actor portfolio is not intended to grow revenue by people clicking away and going to Amazon or some other random website. They're intended to keep the visitor focused in on you and to let them find what they're looking for without the need to dodge ads. Other website builders will plaster your website with as many as four different ads on a single page.

Fast actor websites- at Web For Actors we focus on making everything look great, but we also focus on speed! For instance, all the images uploaded to the website are resized and cropped to smaller dimensions to ensure faster website loading. As you may know, actors headshots are usually delivered in a raw format that often means 8MB per photo. Uploading such photos would slow down the entire website to a crawl, but we will not only resize it but also crop it to the standard 8x10 dimensions as all headshots should be. Other website builders don't force this practice and since they're not actor-oriented, they won't crop images to the desired proportions.

Responsive websites - every single website we build is tested on all screen sizes and devices, so that it doesn't matter if your visitors are using iPhone 4 or a 4K display monitor, your website will always provide a detailed design that is easy to browse and navigate.

Tools and perks of Web For Actors membership - if that wasn't enough, here are some awesome perks you wouldn't get with other website builders:

Instant updates - our Insta-Nudge technology will send you email reminders whenever we detect a new video, credit, award or school that should be added to your website

Twitter Review Tool - our Twitter Review Tool allows you to add reviews from Twitter to your website instantly by replying to a review tweet with a hashtag #IADBReview

Resume Builder - our Resume Builder quickly merges all your projects and experience and generate a need resume in a PDF format

Industry Contacts - our Industry Contacts allows you to list all of your industry related contacts, keep them in one place and view focused Twitter feed

Face Detection Algorithm- our state-of-the-art algorithms recognize your face so that your photos are adjusted with the most ultimate position recommended by headshot photographers

Resume Regenerator - an improvement on our Insta-Nudge technology that will recreate your PDF resumes upon the website update, replace them on your website and email you a copy