Yes, we know it's April 1st, but this is NOT a prank! IADB is looking for someone who's ready to take their career to the next level. We will pick from 1 - 3 applicants to be "the face" of IADB. We know what actors need and we know what they want so let's get to it.

Let's start with the requirements:

  1. You have to be at least 18 years old
  2. You have to reside within the continental U.S. or Canada
  3. You have to have at least one acting credit on IMDb

Without further ado, let's just get to what we're giving away:

  1. Free headshot session - this is a must for all actors. You can spend all of your money on acting classes and training, but before you do, go get your headshots done. If you get picked, we will get you hooked up with a professional photographer near you so that you can upgrade the quality of your existing headshots or get a new look on us.
  2. Free actor website for at least one year - online presence is incredibly important if you're breaking into the industry. If you're already Julia-Roberts-famous the chances are you don't need (or already have) a website. In that case, just say hi in the comment below so that I know you stopped by. Otherwise, you should get one! If you already do have one, send me a link below and I'll tell you if there's room for improvement. If you get picked you will get the VIP account over at IADB, your choice of domain and any available template customized just for you.
  3. Free business cards from Moo - offers the best quality prints we've seen so far. We will design a perfect business card for you and get you premium quality print outs so that you are ready the next time someone asks for your information. I've said it time and time again, always be ready. I've seen actors writing down their email addresses on a cocktail napkin and handing it to somebody they've just met. You need to stand out from the others and when asked (when asked...) give out your contact information. If you get picked, we'll design a business card specifically for you, and we'll send you a box of 100 shiny cards to get you started.
  4. Free Stage 32 webinar dedicated to actor education - there's no better online education for actors and filmmakers than one offered by Stage 32. If you're not on there, get on it and check it out. As an actor you should definitely need in-person classes, coaching and training. I get that. What Stage 32 classes and webinars offer is a ton of advice. You can go to a random casting director's website and pay $400 for advice that can be summed up into "believe in yourself", or you can go to Stage 32 where vetted executives and influencers offer up their advice in a live or on-demand webcast. If you get picked, we will hook you up with a top notch webinar that will help you further your career.
  5. Free lifetime access to all premium actor tools at IADB - this is beyond any doubt a priceless offer. Not only do you get physical goodies, you'll get lifetime subscription to anything that we have built or will build in the future. This will include access to the job search mobile app. Stay tuned for more details in April blog posts.
  6. Social media overhaul - as far as etiquette goes, no one knows more about marketing for actors than Backstage's own Heidi Dean. If you don't know who Heidi is, check out her website here. If you get picked, we'll pay for a 30 minute Skype consultation with Heidi, we'll help you design your social media banners for all of your social pages and we'll provide you with tools to ensure that your online presence is top notch.
  7. Swag - just when you thought it was all over, we will send you some of our swag including our Swagfolios, t-shirt, keychain and other goodies.

More details:

Winners will be chosen at random and will receive the above rewards. In return you will give us permission to showcase your website for the period of one year. If you decide to extend this permission after one year, you will be able to do so and so you will retain a free IADB Premium website for as long as you do. We might also ask you for a 5 minute Skype session in which we will onboard you into our system.


The last day to apply is April 30th at 11:59PM PST. We will pick our winner(s) on May 1st and announce them here in our blog on May 6th.

Any questions? Ask away below and we will respond to you right away.

Registration is now closed

Web For Actors - Become Lucy A. Wow. This is intense!
Web For Actors - Become Jeff F. just signed up. Let me know if you need anything else from me
Web For Actors - Become Anton K. nice deal, I'm in!!!
Web For Actors - Become Laurie W. What does it mean 1-3 applicants? What does that depend on?
Web For Actors - Become Tomasz M. Thanks guys for the early birds registrations! @Laurie - we're expecting anywhere between 100 to 300 applicants. We will draw a random applicant for each 100 applicants and we will rotate the profiles randomly. In the scenario where more than 300 people apply, we will gladly revisit the stipulations. Cheers, Tomasz
Web For Actors - Become Brandi C. I LO?E IT!
Web For Actors - Become Brad C. You should have told me on the dl. I would have done it for new headshots alone! Too bad I don't have IMDB
Web For Actors - Become Tomasz M. @Brad - haha - ahhh, now you tell me. :) As for IMDB - if you're an actor, I strongly (strongly!) recommend getting on there, even if you don't have any credits yet. It's a great tool for research. Once this promotion is over, we might run a promotion for a free one year of IMDB mid 2016, but I'd recommend getting on there as soon as you can.