This blog post is a bit past due. I started writing it almost a year ago, and said to myself, you know what would be nice to have before I write an article about getting background jobs? ... a resource page where I can list all the links to the sites where you can register to become an extra. Well, that time has come, and the resource pages are thriving including the Background Actors Resources.

So, where do we go from here? Well, I never want to have favorites, because all the sites listed on Web For Actors have some good quality content, suggestions or opportunities, but today I will make an exception and say this... if you want to become a background actor and you live in either New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta or New Orleans, you need to sign up for Central Casting

Check out their link to find specific locations, fill in the I-9 form, get your ID and social security card and go there during scheduled timing for orientation. Don't forget to dress to match your type, so if your type is construction worker, wear a green shirt and an orange vest, because they will be taking photos of you on location.

This is by far the biggest company with the most opportunities, so do start there. If at some point you feel like you're not getting enough from them, come back to our resource pages and register with other companies.

And by all means, if you do register, please come back and let us know how easy/difficult it was in the comments. We know that everyone's experience is unique, but do plan for this to be a whole day event.