A complete guide for actors on how to craft auditions for film and TV, from Los Angeles-based master acting coach Tim Phillips, creator of the Sherlock Holmesing the Text(R) method.

"Those who read this book will find that there is much to learn from Tim Phillips. Read it. Digest it. You'll be very well informed and find yourself a better student of the subject at the end."
--Robert Duvall, Academy Award-winning actor, Tender Mercies, Emmy Award-winning actor, Broken Trail, writer, director, and producer

"An instructive, no nonsense, passionate cry to the actor: Bring your intelligence and humanity to the audition not your desperation."
--Larry Moss, author of The Intent to Live

You've got a big audition lined up for a role in a film or on a television series. What do you do now? This book covers steps you can take and specific skills you can put to use right away so that you will feel more confident about your performance in your next audition and make a great and lasting impression on casting directors and producers. If your work is consistently first-rate and memorable, every on-camera audition like this one becomes an opportunity to advance your acting career.

The quality of your work is the only thing under your control, and it's important to approach your work in a way that feels fun and rewarding. If you learn the habits described in this book, the possibility of not being chosen literally won't be able to shake your confidence before, during, or after an audition.

Audition for Your Career, Not the Job will positively change your on-camera auditions by teaching you skills that improve your ability to read and interpret the sides quickly, helping you to trust your instincts and make strong, bold, specific acting choices, and setting you up for an active and profitable career.