I walked into Jeremiah Comey's Studio as green as they get, and he helped me to become100% percent comfortable in front of the camera. I owe him a lot. -Johnny Knoxville, Actor, The Ringer, Dukes of Hazzard, Men in Black II, and Executive Producer of the Jackass television series Every now and then you will come upon someone who imparts his or her knowledge in such a way that it stays with you, adding layers of depth to your work and increasing your understanding of the complexities of the simple art of acting. Jeremiah Comey's 'The Art of Film Acting'does just that. It is a valuable and in-depth look at acting with a specific focus on film acting. - Rosa Fernandez, Back Stage West Comey has an obvious love and ex-citement about the craft of acting, and this book is a welcome addition to the library of any actor or director in the film industry. There are very practical tools and ideas here that work. - Nathan Hudson, Indie Slate magazine Jeremiah gets you back to a state of innocence that you intuitively understood before you ever started taking acting lessons. His book demystifies the logic and preparation approach used by many acting teachers, at the same time illuminates and simplifies the creative acting process. Mclloyd Onwubere Student at The Actors Studio New York The Art of Film Acting applies a classic stage acting method (Stanislavsky) to the more intimate medium of performing before a camera, teaching readers to experience an emotion rather than to indicate it.