It's that time of the year again... NO, not Christmas time... it's only November, chill out. It's Actors Pro Expo time in Los Angeles, and just like last year, and the year before that, and the year before that, we'll be there to support our LA friends with online tools for actors.

But wait, it's NOTin Hollywood this year, so don't go waltzing in into Loews theater while announcing you're there for a thespian event, they'll be really confused. It's actually at the Hyatt by LAX: 6225 West Century Boulevard.

We're gonna be there at the Actors Pro Expo tomorrow (Saturday, November 16), so stop by, say "hi". There's a Meals 4 Monologues booth that lets you perform for a Casting Director by donating to the Food Bank - learn more here. And of course there's gonna be more booths there - some I've seen before like Kym from Secret Actor Society with her book The Hollywood Survival Guide, and Valorie from Actor's Fast Track, but also Rehearsal Pro - what - that app's been on the market for years, I hope they have some cool new announcements. Need A Reader guys will be there to announce their West Coast launch. They've been in NYC for 2 years now and they connect actors in person (i.e. Uber for Rehearsals?). I see a lot of voice peeps (WOlf CIty Voice and VO Heroes). I guess not a lot, but last two years there were none, so something for Voice Actors too. And Casting Networks will have their booth there as well. Why? I dunno, it's not like they need an introduction, but I'll swing by there and introduce myself (hint, hint, that's how networking works).

This is our 3rd year back-to-back at the Actors Pro Expo, which means we did every single expo in Los Angeles since it was announced. The NYC event had some great acting seminars too.

Well, I hope I get to see in Hyatt on sat, and if not, just keep an eye on the blog, I'm bound to post some updates. There are some new acting features and collection of professional tools for actors we'll be announcing soon as well.

Web For Actors - Actors Pro Expo 2019 Suzie O. I went to Actors Pro Expo in 2017. I also went to the one in ny, never in the uk, just united states events. Always something good for actors at these expos. I hope there are some new opportunity.
Web For Actors - Actors Pro Expo 2019 Joey D. I wish there were other entertainment pro expo in Los Angeles offering auditions and workshops. Something to help artists develop their career. I'm coming today. Free tickets, right?
Web For Actors - Actors Pro Expo 2019 Caroline F. Does the pro expo llc offer attendees any materials or advice for modeling? Also this is pro expo la, when is pro expo nyc?
Web For Actors - Actors Pro Expo 2019 Andrea B. I get that those actors events offer open audition. Not sure if I want to drive to the international airport to get sponsor information I can get from a podcast but acting expo does sound interesting. Looking at the logo on their website there are some interesting guests and small business reps attending.
Web For Actors - Actors Pro Expo 2019 Filipe H. Nice, is this i new Los Angeles event for actors?
Web For Actors - Actors Pro Expo 2019 Filipe H. We need an industry hosted convention in Las Vegas next. Broadway gets theirs, but all I can find on eventbrite are shows for gaming, wrestling and anime comic ones. Nothing for arts, so I encourage the hosts to share this annual expo with our local sponsors.
Web For Actors - Actors Pro Expo 2019 Reeves N. Weekend? Check. Hours posted? Check. Hey, I am seeking to create a www me dot com to show all my screen credits and awards. :) Just need a plan that helps me save and fits me best. I will meet you there. Life is great!