This is my blog post #108. Yup, I've been writing this blog for quite some time and I try to focus on actors, but you well know that I can't impart the sort of knowledge you'd get directly from the source, right?

That said, I would like to introduce a new bi-weekly blog section called "The Actor Book Club". There's a ton of books out there, and I sure as hell will never be able to read them all, nor do I want to make a post titled "Here are 16 MUST READ books about acting". You'd probably unsubscribe from my mailing list faster than the 405 at 5AM.

Anywho, I will post all the books in the books section of the website, but every two weeks, starting January 21st, I will post a new book that I think might rock your socks off. If you've read it, please provide your comments, as they would help other actors looking for a good read. I will from time to time quote some of these books in my blog posts, so you can see that I'm not pulling everything from thin air. You know, just like the real reporters do it. :)

If you have a book you would like to recommend, send me an email via the contact form, or find me on Twitter. I can't promise that I will get to it as I already have a stack of acting books on the desk in front of me right now, so the first 10 are pretty much set in stone.