Happy 4th of July to all!

The summer is here and things are bound to slow down for a little while, so why not take advantage of the extra few hour here and there and do something productive. I've asked some of my collaborators if they have any recommendations and I've dug up a few myself. So if you're in between projects right now, I ask you to do something that will help your career.  Read a book. Get inspired. There's a plethora of web gurus offering their free advice via e-books, why not take them up on it? There are some web classes coming up, maybe that's the way to go. Weigh your options, and just go for it.  I wouldn't suggest something and just leave you hanging, now would I? Let's break it down.

Read a book

I don't know if you've noticed, but we started gathering some acting related books for you all on our virtual bookshelf. There's something good for everyone. Whether you want to improve your improv skills, or maybe you're a momager and need some help. Or perhaps you want to study the details of generation-spanning techniques of acting teachers. There's something there for you, and I don't know about you, but I love having a physical book I can page through.  Maybe I'm old school. 

Get inspired

If you've read this post this far, this may be for you: News, blogs & acting advice is a resource section that lists other websites that talk about the art of acting and offers tips and tricks of the trade. So if you have some spare time, pour yourself a glass of red wine, and dive into what others are saying. Take notes and draw conclusions. Acting is not a science, it's an art form, which means that even the advice you're given needs to be interpreted sometimes.

Free advice e-book

If you've never downloaded one, that means you've never scrolled to the bottom of one of my blog posts. But I bet you did download a few. Read them. Most of them offer great tips, and you never know what sparks might fly. If you need suggestions, I'd recommend Heidi Dean's The Ultimate Social Media For Actors e-book and Rachel Rath's Moving to Los Angeles e-book. There's also Louise O

Web For Actors - 4th Of July Resolutions Brandi C. Happy 4th everyone