Instagram integration for Web For Actors is now imminent. You can already give it a shot if you'd like but I will have a walk through video available in two days, so come back to check it out then.

Also, also... I'm starting a 30 day Insta-Challenge. Starting today, I will dedicate at least 20 minutes EVERY day to Instagram. I will create at least one post a day, write at least one comment a day, and like everything I like. If I learn anything from this experiment I'll come back here and share my findings below, but if you've already done a similar experiment and have actually learned something new, I invite you to post in the comments as well.

With that... 30 Days Instagram Challenge begins. With that I've gone ahead and set up my very first  - swipe up story. It was actually very easy to do. If you have 10k followers or a verified account, you just click the link button, which is in the top middle of your story screen:

    Instagram Story for Web For Actors #webforactors
    Attach link for Web For Actors #webforactors
    Enter link for Web For Actors #webforactors