Alright, it's time to wrap-up on... 2018! What? How did that happen?

The biggest undertaking of 2018 for us was switching our online presence from IADB to Web For Actors. It is SUCH a headache. I've been poking a little fun of Film TV Pro when they purchased and decided to change their name to Mandy. I think I've received their "We are not" email about 30 times... same email... what? But hey, I know how tough it is to change every reference to your own company everywhere, and I know we're not completely done yet, but the main part is done, and we can slowly try to forget that IADB even existed. Sounds good?

In 2018 we've welcomed a lot of new faces to the Web For Actors family and we're super thrilled about it. 2019 we will put more focus on creating new design options, as we have PLENTY of them in store as well as building out our online community, one of which will be "Quora for Actors" - got a question you want to ask everyone else? You'll be able to post it online and we will email everyone we know to see if they can answer it. Now you'll be able to get truthful answers from our members, and it's up to them whether they want to stay anonymous or not, lets see how it works, I DO believe that actor communities need an honest forum and honest feedback.

Well, that's pretty much it, however it doesn't mean that there will be other things popping up left and right, we'll let you know either way. :)

From our small team here at Web For Actors we would like to wish all of our subscribers and occasional readers a joyful 2019. 'tis the year to go and break some legs! Stay creative! Be awesome!