I'm about to take a writing hiatus for the year, but before I go, I just want to highlight some of the great moments of 2015.

This was the year when we decided, ah, what the hell, lets add filmmakers to the list of IADB'ers. Seemed like a crazy idea, considering that the A in IADB is for actors, but it didn't go too badly. We've got a few filmmakers that we've picked up along the way and we're working close with them perfecting the websites and making sure everything is perfect for other filmmakers that will join us in 2016.

We have added 3 actor templates, which doesn't seem like much, but in fact, we've perfected the system of adding new templates, which will make adding brand new templates easier than before. We will still take pride in what we do, and we will ensure that each detail works as it's supposed to, but this way we will be able to give you more options and focus on more features as well. We believe that 2016 will bring at least 10 new templates. We're extremely excited about that.

We were featured on Tech.co - yes, that's the last week's blog. It was an amazing ride and we were excited to be in Las Vegas and share our amazing platform with everyone. We've got some leads, some ideas and there's still so much more to come.

Here's what we're looking to see in 2016:

  1. There will be an app. You've read the blog - it's a given. We only want what's best for our members.
  2. There will be an API, or at least some form of it, so that even if you keep your own website design, you can still benefit from IADB's automatic updates and features.
  3. There will be templates. A lot more than this year, that's for sure.
  4. But above all else, there will be opportunities and success stories, and that's what we're all about.
Web For Actors - 2015 in review Dara T. Congrats on a great 2015. Here's to an even greater 2016!
Web For Actors - 2015 in review Lucy A. Man, I know you guys have been working your a**es off this year - I get the updates! :-) Congrats on a great year and a great product!
Web For Actors - 2015 in review Tomasz M. Haha, thank you Lucy. I honestly feel I can say that each year will be better than the last. I'm happy you approve. ;)