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Actor Website Tip #13

3 Ways to submit your website to the search engines

First things first. You may ask: "well, how do I know if my website is on google or not". It's simple. Go to, in the search bar type in: - this will find any page on your website that is listed with google.

Okay, so this is the thing. If you get your website on some large website template platform, they won't do this for you. Similarly, if you do it on your own with Wordpress or some other stand-alone solution, the odds that search engines will pick it up are slim to none. Now, there are 3 ways you can add your website to search engines, these are:

  1. Manually add it to each search engine. Since Google is handling 90% of the searches worldwide, that would be the first step. If your actor website is not on Google, you can add your website by clicking this link
  2. If you know your way around webmaster tools, then we highly recommend adding a sitemap for your website and submitting that to google via the the webmaster tools
  3. Last but not least - get a link to your website on a popular website that is scanned often by these search engines

Just so you know, if you have a website with IADB, we will do both options #2 and #3 for you, so that your domain name gets listed with search engines fast.

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