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Navigation is Important!

Actor Website sin #-16

Thou shalt not hide your navigation!

Someone on Twitter said, what do you think of my Actor Website. I click on the videos section first and... I guess I'm done.

Hmm... what should I compare this to... Imagine you go to a restaurant and you get a menu which has all pages stuck and all you can see is the list of vodka drinks. Well, you're probably glad that it's not a list of desserts because you're off the carbs for the past 3 weeks, but hell, vodka is not a drink!

Can people click back to see the menu? Well, only if they didn't get a direct link to this page, but even then, I dunno. Sufficed to say I gave up after seeing this video page overlaying the menu.

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The Timeliner

The Timeliner

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Industry Contacts version 1.2

Industry Contacts version 1.2

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